I will be posting video game reviews, other editorials and articles relating to video games, with the ultimate goal of making a career out of it. Video games are a passion for me, I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember, and would love a career with a video game website or anything related to gaming. I currently own over 300 games, and play as often as possible. I’ve grown up with gaming, love reviewing, and talking about games. If you are interested in hiring me or have any questions, you can contact me by¬†email: keroseneclouds@gmail.com

For more information about upcoming reviews, follow me on Twitter and Instagram both are @KeroseneMarley – and, feel free to follow me here on WordPress.

Also add me on Xbox Live: KeroseneClouds or PSN: KeroseneMarley

Thanks for reading.

-Blake Morgan

  1. captainxena says:

    I recently stumbled over your blog on WordPress and wondered how you’d feel about writing about gaming on NowLoading.co? We’re an open platform publisher like WordPress. However, Community Managers like me can help you get more views that WordPress ever has. Would love to see you post on our site, you can even cross post your WordPress posts and tag back to your WordPress if you feel like it.

    Let me know what you think! Would love to get you started.



    • Absolutely, I checked out your site and would love to. The thought of more views is definitely intriguing, how do you want to go about getting this started?.

      Thank you,
      Blake Morgan

      • captainxena says:

        So much like WordPress it’s a place where you can go to write whatever you want about. We have our writing platform called Creators.co and from there, depending on what you write about (in your case gaming) we would curate it over to one of our three big sites (Movie Pilot, Now Loading, and Champians). I’m specifically a Community Manager for Now Loading and looking for gaming writers! That’s where you come in.

        So after you join as a Creator on Creators.co you can write, etc. I would love to read your posts! Not only are we an open platform to write on like WordPress but we also are a publisher. What that means is, if content is good enough, you might find your posts on several of our social media sites that have millions of fans, subscribers, etc. So You can get a lot of views on your work. Something other blogging sites don’t offer.

        Once you write you first post on Creators.co I’d love it if you’d link it to me! I would love to read it and see what I can do to help you get views!

        Let me know if you have further questions. You can email me at Dana@moviepilot.com


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