Bioshock Infinite Review(360, PS3, PC, Mac)

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Reviews
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Bioshock Infinite is a game that starts off great, and ends amazing. From the very beginning of the game things look great, as your getting up to the dock on a paddle boat you’ll get a sense of things to come, then you get into Columbia, and you can see just how beautiful this game is. The start of the game has you wandering around Columbia as Booker Dewitt, a mysterious man with no back-story just yet, you can go through a fair and play some games, or just wander around just enjoying the scenery, not a care in the world, all is going well then suddenly cut right into the action. The action feels solid from the very beginning, and you’ll get to see a small chunk of what you are about to see action-wise.

Eventually you’ll start to have the story play out, you’ll get to know Booker Dewitt, a little tiny bit of his back story, but many questions are still unanswered, which gives many reasons to keep playing. The story for Bioshock Infinite is amazing, with enough twists and turns to keep the game satisfying, even when the story slows down, there is plenty to do to keep you playing. Besides the story, there are plenty of collectables to find, giving another reason to explore every corner of Columbia, and then there is the solid action within.

There is plenty of action in Bioshock Infinite, requiring different strategies. You’ll start off with the basic pistol and machine gun, and eventually you’ll find more powerful guns, with plenty of upgrades to make them even more powerful. Beyond the guns you’ll get special powers called Vigors, Vigors give you the ability to possess enemies and turrets, or shoot a murder of crows at at enemy and pick them off with your weapon as they try to get rid of the birds, to the more typical like shooting lightning bolts or fire balls. Each Vigor has two stages, trap, and the basic shooting technique, each of the Vigors can also be upgraded, your Vigor meter can be filled by finding bottles of salt, and you’ll need them for the various enemies.

The enemies in the game are solid for the most part, and range anywhere from a typical small enemy, up to a huge robo-man with a heart in the middle of his chest, using cover comes in handy against the majority of the enemies due to their skill. If it gets too intense and you are getting shot at from every direction, you have the option of riding the rails, you can ride the rails to get to vantage points, or just pick the enemies off as you go by, the rails are fun to use and can come in handy if you are being overwhelmed.  Every once in a while you’ll come across enemies with terrible AI, who will walk blindly into your crosshairs, or give up even though you’re close, allowing an easy take out, but it’s a minor glitch in the large scheme of things.

Eventually you’ll meet up with a girl named Elizabeth, who is very helpful, she can find money, health, or find you ammo when your getting low, all while you crouch behind cover or run and gun picking off the enemies. Elizabeth can also open tears in time, the tears can open up hooks to which you can jump up and cling to if you need an overhead advantage, she can unlock ammo or health and even unlock turrets and allies. One of the best parts of having her around, is she doesn’t get in the way often, very rarely she does, and she even finds and hints towards lock picks and other collectables. Normally in having a AI partner can be a nuisanse, making Elizabeth a welcome change.

Each location you explore will have environments that’ll give a gloomy feeling, or a happy feeling, but in each location you can sense just what the people living there are going through. The music in the game does a great job of adding to the feel of each location, it all feels very well thought through. The graphics in the game are great, and while a few graphical and texture issues will pop up, they are easy to look past due to the rest of the beauty. One main issue with the level design however, is the lack of movement, you can walk through grass or a bush and it does not move, or walk at a humming bird, and just walk through it. To add to each of the environments, the characters you meet through the game can be very memorable, some quirky and some serious, but each play their part in the larger picture. 

There are many collectables throughout Columbia as you explore, there are 141 in total, consisting of Voxophones which are recordings of people in Columbia, Kinetoscopes which are short and sometimes funny clips of various actions throughout Columbia, Telescopes and Infusions. Infusions are bottles you find throughout the game, that can be used to improve your health, salts and sheild. However, the lack of New Game+ makes collecting infusions useless beyond that run, as you’ll have to collect them all again.

In the end, Bioshock Infinite is a game that should be experienced, the amazing story, level design and action all make up a great game. There is plenty of game play throughout, especially if you look for all the collectables. Even with the lack of New Game+, there are reasons to play through the game again. In addition to what is already there, there is the option getting the season pass, which adds content and additional locations as they are released(I will review each download). You don’t have to be a fan of the original Bioshock’s to enjoy Infinite, there is plenty here for both new and experienced fans of the game, adding even more value to a soild game.

Overall Score 9.4/10


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