Far Cry 3 Review(360, PS3, PC)

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Reviews
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Far Cry 3 puts you in the role of Jason Brody, a guy on vacation, who’s life is about to turn into an absolute nightmare. Jason has his friends and family kidnapped by insane men named Vaas Montengro and Hoyt Volker, it’s up to you, to go through hell and craziness to get all of them back. You’ll make your way though huge islands, either doing a mission, a side-mission, a challenge, or just to walk around and enjoy the views, which more than likely will happen. You can either go around on foot or in vehicles, which are fun to drive. In your journey though beautiful hell, you’ll encounter animals, many kinds, some dangerous like tigers and leopards, to mild like chickens and pigs, you’ll come across many plants, and even more crazy people.

Far Cry 3 is has some of the most beautiful visuals in a video game, it’s easy to just get to the top of a hill and look down at the trees or the waterfalls, just to see it all, the sounds is great as well and it adds to the beauty. One problem I found was the issue of a lack of movement in the trees and plants, you can walk through a tree and not even a branch will move, I found this very strange, but it’s just a minor blemish on a great game. Beyond the land, there is a plentiful amount of water to swim or take a boat around in, the water looks really good and can be fun, but sometimes frustrating to explore, it’s easy to get lost or get attacked in- by a shark or crocodile none-the-less.

The main missions have you going to do errands and other things you are asked, mainly by the Rakyat faction Jason Brody joins, in order to find your friends and family, most are short and most are not very challenging. The mission are fun though, they can have you looking for enemies, clearing out areas, searching caves, some stealthy and some run and gun, all can be made easier if you clear the outposts of enemies, making it your territory. The main missions are where you’ll meet up with some crazy people, a doctor on LSD, Vaas, and many pirates, but they are pirates, so you can expect that much already. Going through the main missions, your character will have conflicting thoughts about what he wants, and it will leave you with a decision at the end of the game. The story is solid and gives you a sense of what he is going through, and how crazy the people who kidnapped his family and friends really are.

Far Cry 3 has a lot of game play to be had, in missions, side missions, and the addition of the other challenges, but if you collect the majority of the collectables, complete all the outposts, radio towers and the many other side missions before you beat the game, you’ll be left with not much replay value. There is a co-op mode, which will put you in a series of missions, it can be challenging, and it’s something to do after you have completed the game, but it feels almost tacked on, and cheap at times, especially with the dogs, who can come out of nowhere and be on top of you trying to bite your face off. The co-op is fine, it could have been better, but at least something to play through.

Each kill and vehicle destroyed you’ll get xp, you’ll get more xp by getting headshots, taking enemies out with stealth, multi-kills, and everything else worth of it which can be used on skills as you level up. There are many skills you’ll unlock during the course of the game, anything from being able to swim faster to having more health bars, there are quite a few upgrades, but they can all be unlocked before you even beat the game. Healing requires syringes, which no only heal you, but can add additional life bars, see animals through obstacles, give one shot kills, or even let you breath under water longer, they are crafted from their specific plant which can be found throughout the game.

There are many weapons in the game, handguns, smgs, shotguns, assault rifles, snipers and so on, for maximum destruction and fun. Most are fun to use, the bow is great for picking off enemies or animals stealthily, or take a flare gun or a flamethrower, shoot it into the grass and watch the fire spread. Speaking of that, there is a mission where you have to burn the enemies marijuana plants, and watch the chaos, then pick all the enemies off. One big issue I found with the weapons is you don’t even have a shark prod in the water, so if you get attacked, you either need to find your boat, or swim like hell back to the land(which is suiting for this game).

There are many things to do while exploring the lush enviroments, you can hunt and skin animals, or you can do a Path of the Hunter mission, which requires you to use a specific weapon and kill an animal or group of animals with it. Each animal you kill during Path of the Hunter gives you new material which can be crafted into new ammo pouches, larger grenade holder, larger wallets and so on, all of which come in handy. You can find radio towers which unlock weapons, clear outposts, do the Trials of the Rakyat, or even look for collectables and there are many to find. The game has 160 collectables in total, consisting of relics, letters and memory cards. If you like collecting everything, these will give you another reason to explore through the islands.

This game is not without flaws though, but the flaws don’t really deminish the value. Besides the lack of movement in the foliage, you’ll find glitches when it comes to healing or getting into vehicles, there seems to be a delay in both, which can be annoying in the heat of battle. Weapon switiching can be annoying at times, if you use the weapon wheel it’ll switch weapons on you if you’re trying to do it quick. There are minor visual glitches with textures, explosives disappearing in hand, and weapons getting stuck in the ground. Trying to pick up weapons can be hit or miss, some you can grab on the move, some require you to stand in a specific spot and look at the gun on the ground, which can be bad when getting shot at. Then there is the short fall issue, for a guy as athletic as Jason Brody, he can’t fall very fall without getting hurt, or even jump down a hill, it can do massive damage until you upgrade his ability to land. I found that most main, side and sub-mission require the same, stealth and takedown strategy, which can make the game pretty easy.

Far Cry 3 is a beautiful game, with solid game play, and a good story, even with it’s flaws and not much replay value, it’s worth the play through. There is so much to do in the playthrough that you end up spending many hours in the game. There are a few missed opportunities but this game is solid enough to have them over looked, with lots to be done and explored.

Overall Score: 8.5/10


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