Borderlands 2 Review(360, PS3, PC, Mac)

Posted: May 7, 2013 in Reviews
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Borderlands 2 continues the trends that were started by the original, you’re a vault hunter for one, both tell decent story, the cell-shaded look, and both allow you to find some of the most bad-ass weaponry and loot. You’ll start off with a choice between four Vault Hunters, Commando, Assassin, Siren, and Gunzerker, all of which are upgraded and slightly different characters than the ones in the original, but you also have the choice to download the Mechromancer if you did not receive her for free. Once you have made your choice you will be off through the craziness, coming across various creatures, and many insane human enemies who want to do unpleasent things to your corpse.

Defending yourself will require you to find strong weaponry, and throughout the game that’s what you’ll find. The weapons are neat, not just by the way they look, but how they operate, elemental guns add a dimension to the weapons that can get you through many situations, and it’s nice finding a much better weapon and getting through a part you were stuck on, with no problems. Weapons can also be upgraded at the shop by finding Eridium, it is scattered through out the game, and you can up the ammo count, which is nice for its own obvious reasons. Beyond the weapons you’ll also find many shields, relics, and character class mods, all of which will give your character extra depth, weither it be by adding health regeneration, increased reload speed, faster shield regeneration, and anything else that will benefit your character.

Leveling up will give you a skill point, which can be spent on one of the many upgrades in the 3 tiers. In total there are 50 levels, and it can be a lengthy process, with a download for about $5, you can up that to 61. Addionally, there are challenges throughout the game, many challenges, completing these will add to your Badass Ranking, and getting enough points will give you a Badass Token. When you get a token you can use it on additional stats, once again improving reload speed, shield regeneration, and many other options. Badass Tokens and additional stats are very useful too, not just for the character you are using, but if you create other characters, regardless of the class, the stats will carry over, giving you a nice boost to start.

The co-op in Borderlands 2 is where the game especially shines, it’s awesome knowing someone has your back and can heal you in the times you get downed(getting a kill works the same), not to mention you can trade weapons, there are more enemies to gain xp, and the humor in the game is just better to laugh at with other people. The single player is great as well, there is so much to explore and do, that it’s very easy to log many hours into this game, regardless of how you play. If you get downed in single player, you’ll have the same kill-to-survive option, but if you don’t get a kill in time, or your meter goes down faster than usual, you will be sent back to the last checkpoint, you’ll lose money but gain bullets, and all enemies you killed will stay dead.

There are many missions throughout, at times you’ll do one mission then five will open, it’s great, completing missions will give you more xp, money, and an item, or choice of items. The missions throughout are generally fun and rewarding, plus the characters who give them to you are very memorable. One of the characters in particular named Tiny Tina, is very memorable, the fast talking, craziness that comes out of her mouth is hilarious at times, not to mention she is 13 years old, has a twitchy eye, and likes to blow everything up. She is just one of many characters you’ll find through out that’ll make you laugh or cringe.

The large areas make being able to free-roam very nice, you’ll find many things, which are generally strange or awesome, and it’s good that the inventory screen is decently easy to use, everything is in two sides of a screen for easy navigation. Seaching through the areas you will also find character skin customisations to give your character a new look, and you’ll find skins for the vehicles, to make your vehicular killing machines look good too. Exploring the areas will also lead to a lot of enemies who don’t care what you are looking for, shooting the enemies can be a pain when they run at you and your gun and bullets go through them, but it’s a good thing for the Action Skill each character has, it can either help you kill enemies or decoy yourself to get away.

Among all of the great things in Borderlands 2, there are the expected glitches that come wth a large game, texture issues will pop up many times, but most of the time they don’t last long. Then there are the issues with getting stuck on nothing, which got annoying in large fire fights, and some glitchy AI’s that will just walk away like nothing is happening, despite all the bullets being fired. There are times where when you are downed, you’ll get a kill, but it does not give you a second wind, it’s a strange glitch that can be frustrating if you want to keep your money. As mentioned before, there is the issue with bullets and guns going through enemies who are too close, there are many enemies who will run at you and will get in your face, most are faster than you at times, which will lead to a lot of damage and deaths, just because you can’t shoot them.

Borderlands 2 is a great game, so much content to keep you playing, you can also pay for a season pass to receive addional content, or just pay to download each individually, either option adding a lot to an already large game. On top of that, each playthrough adds new challenges, better loot, large money finds/drops, and going through with friends is a lot of fun. In the end, Borderlands 2 is a game that should be played if you have the time to invest in it, with a good story, lots to explore and do, and many memorable characters, it’s an easy and awesome way to kill time.

Overall Score 9/10


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