Gotham City Impostors Review(360, PS3, PC)

Posted: May 9, 2013 in Reviews
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If you are looking for a solid online-only shooter, Gotham City Impostors could be worth your time. There are four main game modes, each 6 vs 6, Team Deathmatch, Fumigation which requires you and your team to collect 3 gas blasters, and well.. fumigate the other team. There is also Psych Warefare which has you unleashing propaganda on the other team, and Bounty Hunter will have you killing and collecting the token they drop. The game gives you an initiation mode, it helps a bit, so at least you know how the gadgets work.

There are two main teams, Bats and Jokerz, and will give you the opportunity to play both as a vigilante, and a villianous clown, modeling themselves either around Batman or the Joker, as you may expect. There is a lot to unlock during your leveling up process, weapons, weapon paint jobs, gadgets, support items, fun facts, rampage kill/death streaks, psych profiles, calling card backgrounds, symbols, catchphrases, and weapon upgrades, also you can change your body type. The difference for both sides is Bats has, Cowl, Logo and Cape customizations, and the Jokerz have Hair, Face Paint and Flair. Each of the 7 categories has plenty to choose from, but sides have voice modifications, and all unlocked by leveling up and completing challenges.

Once you have picked your customizations you can get into the action, which is good, it can take a while for new players to get the hang of it, but is very rewarding once you get playing. It’s fun going around and either flying on wind gusts and dive bombing people, or running around and getting in fire fights, and once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to put the hours in to unlock the extras. The weapons you’ll be using range from the typical assault rifles, to the strange like a parrot gun, which can be useful to use, but a major pain to be on the other side of. Each weapon category only generally has 2 or 3 weapons, some can get the job done, while others can be useless against higher ranking enemies, but the upgrades can help even the score.

Matchmaking is generally really fast, I only had a few problems with it, which is fine for how often I was quickly placed in a match. Each match runs smoothly, but has it’s expected lag, it does not happen too often, so it’s easy to look past. The maps are decent sized, most allow for a bit of exploration, but this game is fast paced and very large maps would take away from that. The matches are generally fair, you’ll be put up against good players, the one-hit weapons that higher ranking opponents can be very annoying, but most online shooters have snipers and camping.

Some of the problems in the game involve a lack of button recognition, it’s not often that it happens, but when you are trying to dive bomb down on an enemy and it doesn’t happen, or pull the trigger just have the opponent spot you and start shooting, can be frustrating. There is also the many one-sided matches due to some people having over-powered weapons and high levels, for new players it will lead to matches where you’ll have no chance, most of the time will balance itself out in the next match, but it is an online shooter, so it’s bound to happen.

For a game that has only 4 main game modes, it has a fun factor, and can be easy to spend time on. Gotham City Impostors is a good online shooter, it needs more maps, and the maps it has can be bland, but with lots of additions and unlockables that will give you reason to level up. There are lots of challenges to complete and most are fun to do. It’s not the perfect online shooter, but there is fun to be had, for about $15, there is a decent amount of content. If you are a fan of DC or strange characters, this could satisfy both.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


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