Under the Radar: The Club Review(360, PS3. PC)

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Reviews
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The Club Box Art

Every once in a while I will be doing a review for a game I feel was, or is “Under the Radar”, it may be by a lack of press, I feel it is underrated, to just being over looked because of other big name games coming out at the same time. This review will be for the ‘The Club’, a fast paced arcade-style shooter, a great game if you’re looking to play something quick or for long to kill some time.

The Club has four game modes, Multiplayer which allows for split-screen and online, but good luck finding a match online, Tournament puts all of the single events together in one location, it requires you to beat each of the other characters scores in each event, collecting overall standing scores as you go. There is also the Single Event, and Gun Play modes, Single Event is perfect if you want to go through just to kill a bit of time, each of the eight locations have six events in each, the events range from just trying to beat a certain score, to having to kill to keep the time going while doing laps and trying to beat the score, there are five different styles of events, and Gun Play allows you to pick the levels and events you want to play within, plus the rules.

There are eight characters you can choose from before each event/tournament, they each have their own strengths and weaknesses in 3 category ranks, Speed, Strength, and Stamina, and some of the events will require a character who is strong in specific categories. After choosing your character you get put into a really fun arcade-style shooter, you get points for chaining headshots together, using takedowns and just killing in general, throughout you can find the skullshots and secret skullshots which add to the combos, they look like street signs and are scattered around, the secret skullshots are found generally in the secret rooms. Trying to improve scores and finding the skullshots can be fun, especially with a friend, and there are many levels to choose from.

The Club also has four difficulties, Casual, Reckless, Real and Insane, all come with different scores to beat, plus decently difficult enemies, depending on which you choose, and the enemies give higher scores on harder difficulties. The graphics are good, the levels can be bland at times, but it’s not really noticeable because the action is entertaining. The action is fast paced and challenging, but even if you fail missions it’s easy to just replay and re-adjust, head shots will get your score back on track. The problem with all of it is, there just is not that much content, Single Event and Tournament have a lot of levels, but after you beat those, all that is left to do is try to beat your scores, and that was a big downfall for this game.

The missions are generally pretty linear, but for certain missions it would have been nice to have either a compass or mini map, though once you know the sections it’s not needed. The enemies are predictable, they’ll pop out of cover in the same spot over and over, run at you, or just stand in one spot shooting, it’s nice when trying to improve the score, but it needs at least a bit of variety. There are smashable walls and doors, but sometimes you’ll just end up rolling instead of smashing through, it’s also a problem when trying to jump over a railing, and can get frustrating when on the move. There is no real story to The Club besides the few cutscenes, if that is what you are looking for, and the characters are not very memorable.

Despite all of The Club’s issues, there is a fun arcade-style shooter to be had, with the addition of playing it with a friend, the game is a good time waster, and it’s fun to rack up the score and find the secrets. The game is not full of content, but what’s there is decent, the lack of story is a bit of a downfall, but the action throughout is challenging and fast paced. The Club is inexpensive now, and can give quite a few hours of entertainment.

Overall Score 7.6/10


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