The Walking Dead Game Review(360, PS3, PC, Mac, iPad)

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Reviews
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With the ever mounting success of The Walking Dead TV show, there was bound to be a video game spin-off, and though the characters are not the same, they are no less memorable. As the first Walking Dead game, it does many things right, memorable characters and story, entertaining game play, and lots of replay value, Telltale Games should continue to work on Walking Dead games.

The opening scenes have you riding in the back of a cop car, and you’ll start getting a few dialog options, as you get to know a small bit about your character Lee Everett. There is a twist of fate, and the decisions start becoming about survival, once you make it to the closest house, your decisions will not be just for your survival. As you explore the house you’ll come across a little girl named Clementine, she may be little, but her role in the game is very large. You’ll start coming across more and more choices, that you generally want to choose the best for both you and her, as you progress, she becomes a key component not only to continue, but also brings out a mellow, accepting side of Lee.

The Walking Dead Game allows you to choose your own path, and there are many options to choose, choices on who to save, who to befriend, who to betray, who to be honest with, and who you are going to lie to. The great thing about the options, is no matter how you play, you probably won’t have the same story as someone else, not only that, but it gives the game replay value as you can choose different paths through the story. With so many options, there will be fallout, having to choose between people, not only saving them, but choosing who to side with will generally lead to some backlash, and not all of the characters are easy to side with, some just seem selfish.

There are 5 chapters that can be downloaded or bought as a whole, or individually by chapter, the game has great story regardless of how you choose to progress, so downloading all of the chapters is likely to happen. Not only is the story great and gives reason to keep playing, the game play is very well done, you’ll get a cursor on the screen that you use to hover over objects and people to interact with them, and the cursor is also used to aim, attack the zombies or enemies, and help explore, though this seems really basic, it works very with its style of game.

There is no co-op as expected, but it’s still a lot of fun to play with others, one can play while the other(s) make decisions, and it’s interesting to see what choices they make. The story is geared towards many different types of people, not just TWD fans, so it will remain interesting not just for the person playing, and the characters are so well done, its easy to have a favorite, and start getting connected to them as you progress. The game also remains interesting by putting you in a new location for each chapter, each location has its history, story, and you can really sense how bad things have become, giving the game a fresh yet familiar feel.

Then with another twist of fate, the situation becomes desperate, protecting Clementine becomes even more crucial, and you’ll get the sense that the end of the game is near. The situation will complicate matters even further, the desperation in the characters becomes more apparent, and you can tell they’re just hanging on to life as long as they can. The sense of what everyone is going through is easy to see, and it leads to an emotional, well thought ending.

Though there are a lot of options to choose from, a lot of different story possibilities, the game still remains pretty linear, some of it is on rails, and for all 5 chapters, it’ll take around an hour and a half per chapter to complete. Not only is the game linear, exploring is at a minimum aside from trying to find mission items, as there are no collectibles, and though there are some side mission items, there really is no need to explore, especially after you’ve beaten the game. There are a few minor graphical and audio glitches, textures from time to time take a few seconds to pop, and the audio cuts of from time to time, but neither happen often, and they’re not so bad.

None of the flaws can take away from how great this game is, this is easily one of the best downloadable games on XBLA and PSN. The characters are so well done, the story is great regardless of how you play, there are so many options, a lot of different ways to play that adds quite a bit of replay value, regardless of the lack of collectibles. The Walking Dead Game will appeal to many people, and at the end of each chapter, you can see the percentage of people that chose each option, it’s cool to see where you stack up. Just like the TV show, the game does so many things well, and this game makes it easier to look past The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

Overall Score: 9/10



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