Unit 13 Review(PS Vita)

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Reviews
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The members of Unit 13 are said to be elite soldiers, well that is what they say, but often I beg to differ. Unit 13 consists of six members who are trained in different aspects of combat from stealth to heavy gunner, and they will be needed for the four mission types. The missions will have you collecting intel, laptops, killing key targets, defusing bombs, closing steam valves, and a few other small missions, each mission is score based. There is not much of a story, each mission has information about it and about key targets, but that is basically about it besides stopping terrorists.

The six characters consist of an infiltrator, marksman, commando, technician, pointman, and gunner, each can hold one gun, one set of either lethal or tactical grenades, one top and one bottom attachment for the main gun, and a pistol is always the second weapon and it can not be changed. The different character types have their specialties in the four different mission types, Direct Action just requires you to rack up the score by getting kills and completing missions, there is no time limit but after the mission there are bonuses for mission completion time, Covert just requires you to be unseen and complete objectives, if an alarm goes off it’s an automatic fail, Deadline is timed and you’ll get time increases at each checkpoint, and Elite which gives you a health bar instead of regenerating health and no checkpoints, but you’ll receive health where there would normally be a checkpoint.

There are 36 main missions plus six high value targets, mission score is also the amount of character experienced gained, and what the star ratings are based on, you can literally watch your experience go up as you play, so trying to improve scores will benefit that character’s level. Gaining experience requires kills in various ways, completing missions, getting combos, plus the after mission bonuses. The missions have a star rating out of 5, high value target missions unlock after every 20 stars earned, they require you to kill a specific target, but these do not have star rating, just scores and each target killed will earn a trophy. Each of the six characters have their own ten character levels, each level gained unlocks gear, improvements for that characters skills, unlocks guns and gadgets as well, but most of the character levels go pretty quick so it’s a good thing there are six characters to stretch out game play time a bit.


The enemies are terrorists and they all basically look the same, there are mainly four character models which gets uninteresting pretty quick, and at times it seems like they can see through walls, or spot you while looking the opposite direction. The enemies seem to be more accurate on the move than your soldiers are, at times I was pointing directly at an enemy while moving and my gun managed to miss him the majority of time, and yet the enemy was hitting me the whole time moving at the same speed, which wouldn’t be so bad if the characters didn’t die from two or three shots. The enemies at times are intelligent, but it’s strange that killing an enemy with stealth, regardless of if it was seen or not, can alert the other enemies in the section. Using flashbangs on enemies is helpful, but if you shoot the body instead of the head suddenly they are alright and will start shooting just fine, and even a head-shot is not always an instant kill.

The six members of Unit 13 are said to be highly trained, but as mentioned I often question that statement, movement is sluggish even when changing the two movement options, the enemies seem to be more accurate most of the time, and they seem to withstand far more body shots despite that fact that most of them have no armor compared to the Unit 13 soldiers. Crouching behind cover or up against a wall can be a pain, if you are up against a wall and an enemy runs at you, trying to turn and look at the enemy is very slow and coming off the wall will have you facing it, plus if you are behind cover and try to shoot enemies below, they can run to the left or right and your cover will block them from view. There is no option to cook grenades, the grenades are useful but it would still be a nice option to have, the grenades are pretty good, but throwing them can be problematic at times, there is no way to change throwing power so your character can throw a grenade way too hard regardless of where the cross-hairs are.


Unit 13’s environments are mostly bland, there are a few that look alright but they are mostly uninteresting and pixelated. The graphics are not very good, texture issues and jagged edges, pixelated buildings, and boring character models, the graphics only really affect seeing enemies in the distance, but it could have added more to what is just an alright game. There are only a few ways to navigate the levels, mainly just using ladders instead of the stairs but it leads to more problems, you can’t slide down ladders and you can’t make your character move faster up the ladder, not to mention you only get a view of his hands and forearms, so if an enemy starts shooting it’s basically hopeless. The environments are decent for stealth, but the stealth aspect is only alright, it can be a break from shooting and it’ll require a bit of patience, but the characters are hunched over and can be seen very easily, plus there is no way to make them crouch further or lay down.


As I mentioned, there are only 36 missions plus the six high value targets and most do not take that long to complete, if you devote time to the game it won’t take long to achieve 5 stars on all 36, there are a few challenging missions, but regardless of that, completing the game will happen fairly quickly. Not only are there limited missions and limited guns, there is no downloadable content so what comes standard is all you get. There are daily missions in which you can try to get the highest score, it’s a nice break and you can also see what your friends are doing if any of them play Unit 13. There is also an online mode, it is cooperative and can be fun to play some the missions with people online, it lags as expected, and to play online you’ll need the included online pass, or buy one on the Playstation Network.

There are a few good things in Unit 13, some of the missions are entertaining, the radar at the top of the screen works well, the characters reload their guns quickly, most guns are accurate, and mission score is also experience which is nice, but there really is not that much content, and there are quite a few glitches that bring the game down. Character leveling is rewarding, but there are not that many levels for each character so it goes quickly, though the upgrades can make things easier if you are trying to get five stars on every mission. Changing the controls is not an option, the controls are pretty good though, but it would be nice to have a few changes, and aiming can be a pain when the cross-hairs are pointed towards an enemies head, and it snaps to his body. Unit 13’s missions are short so it can be picked up and played on the go, but other than that there really is not much here, the game is alright and it can be entertaining at times, but that’s about it.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

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    Unit 13 Review(PS Vita)
    The members of Unit 13 are said to be elite soldiers, well that is what they say, but often I beg to differ. Unit 13 consists of six members who are trained in different aspects of combat from stealth to heavy gunner, and they will be needed for the four mission types.

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