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After a long absence I am back and will be reviewing 2 emulator apps on the Android Play Store. GBC A.D. is a Gameboy Color emulator and My Boy! is a Gameboy Advanced emulator. I do not condone illegal downloads.

Downloading the apps was very fast, they are found on the Play Store so there is no need to download off an additional source unless you are playing on a iOS or other platform other than Android. Downloading ROM’s is also very easy, GBC A.D. gives you a link straight to a very reliable source for both apps ROM’s, they are very quick downloads as they are usually only 6MB or less for the Gameboy Advanced. The Gameboy Color ROM’s are generally very small files, they are only about 500KB or less, but some will reach over 700KB.

The games run very smooth for both apps, they are all downloaded into a single folder. All you have to do is open up the app, select a game in the downloads folder and play. I am playing the games on a Samsung Galaxy S3, anything more powerful will have no problems, though the apps seem to run well on older devices as well. The games on both apps can be played in landscape or portrait, and look great in both views, GBC A.D. has a problem with resetting the game to the last checkpoint if you switch between the two views, but can be set to a specific view so there is no screen rotation. 

There are a lot of settings to choose from, so you can mostly customize the apps. You can even change the button layouts if you so desire and the settings are easy to access, even while playing. The buttons can be troublesome at times as you can’t feel them sticking out, but it’s not that big of an issue and if you’ve played games on your devices before, you’ll have no problems. The only issue with the settings I had was how close some of buttons were to the menu button, but the issue was mainly only on the GBC A.D. app.

There are some very useful settings in both apps like the option to fast-forward, it made games with a lot of walking, like Pokemon, go so much faster. There is also a cheats option, it doesn’t matter if the cheats need a Game Shark or other device, they are built right it, all you have to do is enter the code. My Boy! has a Link option, allowing you to link your game with friends or locals. Deleting files is not possible within the GBC A.D. app, you’ll need My Boy! to do that, you can delete both the GBC and GBA ROM’s, so if you plan on only downloading GBC A.D. keep that in mind.

Both apps have a major nostalgic factor, anyone who grew up playing either handheld will likely love this app, there are so many games to choose from. The fast download times make it easy to change games on the go, and it’s awesome not having to carry around a Gameboy Advanced. Playing My Boy! in portrait will give you the original GBA screen size, it goes full screen in landscape but also uses a lot of battery life. GBC A.D.’s screen generally stays the same, it gets bigger but does not go full screen in landscape.

I would recommend both apps if you are using an Android device, you can also get these apps on your PC’s and Mac’s, but you’ll have to find an alternative download source and the apps may have different names. If you are looking for a great way to bring back your GBC and GBA games I would download these apps.

Overall Scores:
GBC A.D.: 9/10
My Boy!: 9/10