Candy Crush(iOS, Android, Facebook) Review

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Reviews
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If you’re a fan of Bejewelled or any other match 3 puzzle game you’ve probably heard of Candy Crush, but even though it’s free, is it really worth the download?. Well, it all depends on how you look at it, on one hand it is a really fun puzzle game that always continues to challenge the player, which in my opinion is a great choice, on another you only get five lives at a time, unless you have Facebook and know people who can send you lives. Facebook also allows you to skip the three Train Missions that show up every 15 or so levels, these will only allow you to play one mission every 24 hours. However, regardless if you have Facebook or not it is still a really fun game, without Facebook you just have to wait 30 minutes to regenerate one of your lives. I am one of those people who doesn’t have Facebook so I know first hand that at times that is okay, and others I’d rather just play and not have to wait, but a small price to pay for a free game, I guess.

The game itself however, is a great puzzle game, it uses candy as its choice of blocks, it’s a mostly typical match three game. Matching four together will get you a Stripped Candy which destroys a line of candy when paired up with two or more of the same colour, five together will earn you a Colour Bomb which will take out all of the same colour that it is matched to, this just needs one of the candies matched to it to set it off. Matching candies in a 90 degree angle or in a T shape will turn them into a Packaged Candy Bomb, pairing one of these up with two of the same colour will destroy 8 blocks around it. As you’d expect, mixing these special candies together will unleash cool effects, matching two strips together will take out a horizontal and vertical line, to the more powerful Colour Bomb or “Dotted” combination, matching two Colour Bombs together will clear the entire board, and there are various other effects from different combinations.


Rather than just using a score system like most games in it’s genre, Candy Crush uses a level system which has you progressing on a game board, each level on the board has a possible three star rating which you can achieve. As you progress along the Candy Crush game board you will encounter more challenges like Chocolate Blocks, these will spread once you start making moves unless you destroy at least one Chocolate Block in the process. Some blocks cannot be destroyed however, they will take a permanent spot on the board, which will require each move to be thought through, and some will require you to match them up with the same colour so they don’t explode, ending your game. The special candies play a more important part and are crucial to beating some of the levels later on, some even require you to match a certain amount of specials together to complete them. If you get bored or are stuck on a level, there is an additional game board, here you will have to keep the owl on the side of the screen balanced. He will have two colours on each side of his perch, blowing up too many of one colour will make the owl unbalanced, if he falls it’s game over. It’s a fun addition, but shares the same lives as the other game board, so it can’t be played if you run out of lives.


Additionally, there is a prize wheel which has eight prizes to be won, you’ll get one spin a day to help you along. These can net you the more common Lollipop Sledgehammer, which takes out one block of your choice, there is a Swap Candy power that lets you switch any two candies of your choice, to the less common Jackpot, I have not personally seen this won, but it will net you a tonne of good stuff. There are in-game app purchases, if you don’t have Facebook and don’t feel like waiting, you can pay $1 to refill your lives, but that can get pricy if you really start getting addicted to the game, if you fail a level you can pay $1.99 to play on, it will give you additional moves for that round. But, if you don’t mind waiting two and a half hours for full lives, you won’t have to worry about paying and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.


So is Candy Crush really worth the space?, I think so, it has challenges for all types of gamers, the game is engaging and if you have lots of Facebook friends who don’t mind sending you lives, you can play on for a long time. Candy Crush has ads and in-game app purchases, but they aren’t pushy about it, and the ads only usually show up once you go back to the game board. There is a lot packed into this simple and easy to pick up game. Candy Crush can be challenging, but it feels like an accomplishment finally beating the level you’ve been stuck on, and knowing you still have lives to play on. If you love puzzle games and still have yet to download Candy Crush, I recommend you at least try it out.

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