Review: Tales from the Borderlands (PS4, Xbox One)

Posted: June 26, 2016 in Reviews
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As a fan of both the Borderlands series, and Telltale Games, it was only a matter of time before I played “Tales from the Borderlands”. The story takes place after the events of Borderlands 2, but this time the story does not revolve around Vault Hunters. Would the game live up to high expectations? Could it match the levels of humour, wit, and gore the Borderlands series is known for? From the opening scene all doubt of a lack of humour are immediately erased.  You begin the game as Rhys, a company man working his way up the Hyperion ladder, just to have his job- and life, complicated in ways he never could expect. Bad luck forces Rhys and Vaughn out into the Badlands seeking revenge on their boss. A series of terrible mistakes leads them to Fiona, the other character you’ll be playing, and her sister Sasha.


Early on it’s easy to tell that your new character Fiona and her sister are con-artists and grifters. You’ll often need Fiona’s skill set, and communication skills, to get out of some life threatening situations. Without getting too much into the story, everything gets really complicated due to the events that take place with Rhys and Vaughn, forcing them to reluctantly work together. Having control over two characters was a really great design choice, you’ll have control over both sides of the story, leaving you with a lot of hilarious and thrilling story options. Both characters will also embellish the story, making an already hilarious series of events become more entertaining. Tales from the Borderlands does a great job of reminding the gamer that this is in fact a Borderlands game. Even rewarding the gamers who purchased Borderlands The Pre-Sequel with a Reward Pack consisting of guns and other in-game valuables.

Telltale Games uses a point and click style of gameplay, you’ll do a bit of walking and a small bit of exploring, most decisions you’ll make are verbal, and most of the action is through button prompt cutscenes. The decisions you make affect the story and the outcome, unlike some of the other Telltale games, the decisions you make last until the end of the game. You’ll be forced with deciding the fate of yourself and other characters, you’ll be tasked with choosing who you want to satisfy or ignore, and you’ll have to figure out who you want on your side throughout the game. The decisions can be really gripping and will lead you to moral dilemmas, keeping the game entertaining. I really enjoyed how this game, even though it was mostly verbal decisions, had more action and interaction than other games in its genre. Some fights, a bit of shooting, and quick decisions make up sections of the game, though most of the time it was dodging and trying not to get hurt. Some of it was unnecessary, but it added a bit more to what was already a great game.

Tales from the Borderlands is far from perfect, graphical glitches, and other minor bugs create minor nuisances, but nothing that hinders the gameplay. The problems were mainly in the story. The game may just be too humorous, plus the addition of the gore made it so the emotional moments, were not as emotional as they should have been. Most of the more sad moments happen after something hilarious, and a lack of build up just made them another scene. For me it was hard to be attached to many of the characters, a few had me hoping they’d survive, but nothing like Telltales Walking Dead. Though there is not much walking throughout, the characters felt a bit slow, it would have been nice if they could jog, and the controls felt a bit off due to the camera angles.

Overall Tales from the Borderlands is a solid game, blending humour, wit, and gore into one solid package. It was what I expected out of a Telltale Borderlands game, and more. Some minor glitches throughout may take a bit from the game, but with having control of a second character, extends the story in a great way. I’d highly recommend Tales from the Borderlands to any of fan of this genre, and any fan of Borderlands. Even the notifications at the top of the screen are hilarious and the game doesn’t take itself too seriously, as characters make jokes about the story and events taking place. It’s on basically every device aside from Nintendo, so even if you want to take this game with you on the go, it’s available on Android and iOS.

Score: 9/10



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