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I am currently playing Far Cry 4 on the PS4, I wrote a review for Far Cry 4 a while back, I played through the Xbox One version when I did. I’ve found the PS4 version has had more glitches so far, I also had to turn off the Touch Pad as I found it kept changing my weapons being how touch sensitive it is. But I’m going to get further into this and try to ignore the blemishes.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought two PS4 games cheap on PSN, this was the other one. It’s late here but that doesn’t matter because it’s Friday. I love Injustice and I am happy to get a chance to play the ultimate edition. Sorry about the crappy pictures.

Currently playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes, which is super cheap on PSN through the Superhero Sale, it doesn’t matter if you have Playstation Plus or not. Couldn’t pass up on this deal as I really enjoyed it on the 360. Will be playing this for a while, but I also downloaded another game through there that I’ll be playing later.

Having already played through Bioshock on the Xbox 360, I wanted to go through the game again. Recently I bought it on PSN for cheap thanks to the deals. I really enjoyed the whole Bioshock series and am happy I get to play through the first in the series again. Both Bioshock 1 and 2 are only $9.99 on PSN.

Recently I purchased inFamous: Second Son, but I realized I had yet to beat the first one despite the fact that I have finished Second Son and am going back through with an evil character. So that’s what I’m doing now. I am currently 25% through. I’ve been busy as of late so the blog posts are down, however, I recently wrote an article on my Creators account about the NES Classic Edition. I am currently downloading two more PS3 games, so check back for content.

iLast night I said I was going to make another post, but I underestimated how tired I was. I’m back today playing Infamous: Second Son. I bought this for super cheap yesterday, excited to get further into it.

I am currently playing Lego Jurassic World as you probably gathered from the title. I’ve played the maiority of the Lego games, I find them to be fun; but also very glitchy. I picked this one up for $20, I also purchased a PS4 game today, I’ll be playing it later.