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Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is currently free on the Xbox One for Gold subscribers. It is a decent amount of fun, it’s not too serious so it’s relaxing in a way. I’ve been playing around with it trying to find the right difficulty for me.


I finished Prey recently and it reminded me a lot of Quake 4. Both are very similar in art styles, sounds and strange weaponry. Prey is a less challenging Quake, you don’t die, you are taken into the spirit realm where you shoot down birds with a bow and arrow to fill your character’s life and spirits. The game has no map or waypoints, which I enjoyed. Prey is not great, but it’s really not bad.

In my previous post I talked about games I bought today that were not so great, I was talking mainly about Rogue Warrior. It had really low scores but I had to see how bad it really was. It looks like and original Xbox game that plays like a bad Nintendo 64 game. They probably paid Mickey Rourke to curse and swear as many times as he could, there is little dialogue other than that. There is no damage indicator, your character is alive one second, then dead the next with barely a grunt. I’ll keep playing this for a little while longer.

The first game I’m going to play tonight is Singularity. I bought six new games today for very cheap, so I doubt this will be the only game I play tonight. Have you ever bought games that reviewers gave low scores, just because they were inexpensive? I may be an addict. Let me make this clear, that is not a shot at Singularity, but not all the games I bought are great.