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One of the main complaints about the Call of Duty series is that it has become repetitive, so bring on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, a game that is supposed to buck a bunch of trends that felt dull. But does it succeed?, or is it just another game in the series?.

Advanced Warfare puts you in the role of Marine Corp solider Jack Mitchell, an early tragedy in his tour of duty and a lost appendage later, you’ll be forced out of the Marine Corp and into Atlas. Atlas is a multi-national security company with top technology in the world. With the technology of Atlas they fix Jack up using Exo and turn him into a bad-ass solider. Jack is fitted with Atlas gear and technology which gives the wearer enhanced skills like double jump and extra strength. The story is deeper than it has been in years, it adds emotion with good writing, but the story tends to stretch out at times for the sake of the game. Advanced Warfare’s cutscenes play out like a movie, the game looks amazing on the next-gen consoles, almost every detail was polished, it added to the overall feel while maintaining a sense of realism.

The new Exo system works great, it makes the movement a lot smoother, instead of just running around, you can use the technology to get to different locations and play the game in different ways for the most part. With all of the new technology, the earlier levels feel really linear, if you try to stray from the path slightly there will be a warning letting you know you are leaving the mission area. Even though this is not much of an issue with later levels, they should have allowed for more exploration. If you like finding collectibles, Advanced Warfare comes with 45 of them in the form of a laptop, some are a bit harder to find but they are easy to find for the most part. The intel laptops unlock bonus material in the Extras Menu, which includes pictures and videos that connect parts of the story.

Advanced Warfare’s weaponry works really well, especially once you start upgrading your character. You’ll have different skills that can be upgraded by completing Exo Challenges, you’ll earn Skill Points after a certain amount of kills, headshots, grenade kills and by finding the intel. There are a decent amount of skills to upgrade, from increasing sprint time to gun stability, the upgrades make your character feel like a super solider. Earning them can add some replay value, unless you get them all in one play through. Grenades are much improved, instead of only being able to carry one type of lethal and non-lethal grenades, each grenade comes with different functions that can be switched with a press of a button. You can switch your lethal from the useful Smart Grenades to Impact grenades, your non-lethal from a threat detector to EMP, there are multiple choices for each and this allows for creative kills with grenades.

There was not as many new guns as I had hoped in the Single Player Campaign, but in the Online Mode that is not the case. Advanced Warfare has online features you’d expect, lots of weapons, perks and upgrades. This time around they allow you to upgrade your Exo and allow you to change the look of your character, so you’re not stuck to using some generic character. You’ll earn different gear by playing through the campaign on Veteran, by completing the game, as well as completing challenges online. These can make your character look cool, but some of the harder earned ones make you very visible and can make you a target in some cases. There are a bunch of game modes to test your weapons, but if you are like most people you’ll probably just stick to the ones you like. They even brought back the Online Training for those who need it. In addition there is also an Exo Survival Mode, you’ll fight through hordes of aliens with friends or randoms online, it’s a fun mode to play with friends.

So does Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare improve on previous games?, for the most part yes. It may not bring non-fans to the series, but those who do play it will be treated to a whole host of new features. The story is deeper than in previous games, it has a more realistic feel and look. Each cutscene and level on the next-gen consoles looks incredible, the controls are very smooth as well. Advanced Warfare does many things right, from graphical improvements to abilities, though there are a few minor technical issues and some of the levels feel too linear, plus the campaign is not that long. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will give you a decent amount of gameplay for an FPS. This game should be played by any Call of Duty fan, it’s one of the better games in the series.