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I will be sending out my resume on Monday, I am looking for an Associate Editor position. If any company would like to hire me on let me know and I will email you out a copy immediately. My blog will act as the resume and I have also written a cover letter. Let me know if you are interested through email or leave a comment here on this article. Thank you!


Anyone who’s played Far Cry 3, will find Blood Dragon to be very familiar, which is a good thing, because it brings it’s own style to the table. One of the main changes is the story, you are no longer Jason Brody, now you are Sgt. Rex ‘Power’ Colt, a badass half man, half cyborg, killing machine, spewing out one-liners galore. They also changed the look of the game, in a big way, environments don’t look the same, now everything has a neon glow to it, emphasising the 80’s nostaligia. You’ll play through the world people in the 80’s thought 2007 would be like, futuristic weapons and cyber, mutated and Robo animals can be found throughout the game. Just like a corny 80’s action movie, you’ll need to save the world, and the girl, by being a badass killing machine, and you can flip the enemies off while doing it.

In order to be a badass killing machine, you’ll need futuristic weapons that shoot lasers, or powerbeams, and those weapons feel solid for a while, then need to be upgraded to keep them relevant. Getting the upgrades requires you to take over Garrison’s by clearing the enemies inside(just like Far Cry 3’s outposts), and unlock side missions, completing those missions will unlock an upgrade which can be bought at the Garrison shop. Another way you can unlock upgrades is by finding collectables, the collectables are doctor’s notes, old-school televisions and VHS tapes, continuing the 80/90’s feel. The upgrades work well, and really make you feel badass, the bow is quiet and perfect for stealth, and not to mention the deadly and destructive weapons that are found throughout the game, which is good that happens, considering the blood dragons and all.

Throughout the game you’ll level up by completing missions, getting kills in various ways, finding collectables and killing crazy looking animals, each level has a new skill, you’ll gain the ability or breath underwater, add health bars, and add various takedown skills, among many of the other additions in the 30 character levels. Breathing underwater is neat and can help with taking enemies out, except when there are sharks, you are defenceless, but it’s a good thing Rex swims fast and can avoid further confrontation when it happens. Unfortunitely though, just like Far Cry 3, there is no New Game+, which is unfortunate if you want to go through the game again with awesome weapons, and especially with the one at the end in particular.

Each cutscene in Blood Dragon is done in a NES/Snes/Sega style picture cutscenes, it is neat to see, and within you’ll get many corny, hilarious, weird dialog and one-liners. Many of the one-liners however, come through actions, killing enemies, completing missions, and saving people will all have Rex spewing something out. However there are only a few that are said, and can repeat way to many times, making the joke no longer funny, especially when you hear it three times or more in a row in a few seconds. Even the load screens throughout will have written dialog, which are pretty funny, giving you something to read while it loads. The graphics the game are just like Far Cry 3, so you can expect a great looking game, a few texture issues, and the lack of interaction with the environment(aside from blowing it up), can take away from it a small bit, but not enough to really be noticeable.

There are noticeable glitches though, some are with Rex, he’ll switch weapons for no reason during combat, the weapon wheel can also be a pain in combat, and the one-liners that get old. There game is not very long, leveling up, completing all the missions, and collecting everything, will only take about 7-9 hours,  but in a way that is expected(Ubisoft told us for one), at $15 it’s hard to expect a really long game. Even though there is no New Game+ it’s a fun game just to go through again on another difficulty. One big thing that it missed was Co-Op, it would have been fun to go through with a friend, creating a duo of destruction.

With it’s $15 price tag, intentionally corny but funny story, the blend of 80’s/futuristic feel, the destructive weapons and of course blood dragons, this game is solid. Even with it’s glitches, lack of new game+, and jokes that get old, it’s a good game, and worth playing. If you want a game that reminds you of the 80’s, this is a very good choice. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is worth the download if you have the points, but expect a short game.

Overall Score 8.3/10