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With the ongoing success of The Walking Dead tv series it was no surprise that there would be a Walking Dead video game. While there were two variations within a year of each other, only Telltale Games version was a major success, blending a great story with a solid core gameplay left the gamer wanting more. While The Walking Dead Season 1 was very successful, could Season 2 match or surpass its predecessor? Walking Dead fans like myself were excited to find out.

The story puts you in the role of Clementine, a 10 year old girl who is still reeling from the events of Season 1. Clementine is put in the position to survive the apocalypse without her family and her main benefactor Lee Everett, luckily she is left with two trust-worthy survivors from the previous game. The three of them set out to find other survivors and supplies, but like you’d expect from The Walking Dead, chaos ensues. While the story is very well done, it does not seem as gripping as the first season, you’ll be put through some ups and downs, but none were really that nerve wracking. Clementine will be put into danger, but it feels like you’re in control of every situation, even conversations seem less dramatic and impactful. Season 1 put you through a lot of situations where you really had to pick and choose what you said or it could change the entire game. Season Two for the most part lacks those conversations, it seems like people are more accepting of everything that’s going on and said to them, which can be good or bad depending on your style of play.

Season Two plays like the first did, a cursor is your main control option to highlight items or people, you’ll walk around looking for everything and talking to everyone you can. The difference between the two is Season Two looks a lot better, the HUD is much improved, everything seems a lot more clear and the movement was a lot smoother. Season Two’s action sequences played out a lot better as well, if you missed a timed action in most cases it won’t lead to an instant failure, you’ll have two or three different options, it’s a nice addition but takes away from the tense feel of the situation. Conversations work the same way, each of the face buttons has an option, you choose how you’d like to respond or start the conversation, you can choose to be nice, rude, angry or just remain quiet. The decisions you make in conversations usually have little impact on how people think of you, unless you’re really rude to a person they just move on and go with your choice. There is a separate 400 Days DLC Episode that somewhat links the two games together, decisions there will carry over to Season Two but the DLC felt short and rushed.

While Season Two is great, it felt too short, each episode will only last about 30 mins the first time through, the game had a lot of walking and talking, but not as much action as I was expecting. After the first two episodes it feels like it pushes you through the rest of the game, you’ll make a few conversation decisions, grab a few items, then all of a sudden a dangerous situation fades away with barely any backlash. Clementine may be the main character, but it feels like the other survivors rely way too heavily on her, she basically has to do everything, even if one of the characters informs everyone that they have been through the same situation many times without issue, it still comes down to Clementine. The story was not as intense as the first and the ending was not as satisfying, it felt like they could have done so much more with the game, hopefully Season 3 makes up for that. The 400 Days DLC as I mentioned felt short and rushed, the story is separated into five survivor stories, you’ll have short conversations, make one or two decisions and then you’ll be done with that character. In the end, all of the stories in 400 Days connect together, but it just didn’t feel that satisfying.

The Walking Dead Season Two is a great game, but it could have been so much more, the story was great but in ways disappointing. Season Two looks a lot better and played a lot smoother, having additional options in action sequences was very nice, but those situations didn’t feel as intense. If you liked the first season chances are you’ll enjoy this instalment, the download speeds are fast, especially through the Season Pass, and playing through with Clementine is enjoyable. This game is great for almost any Walking Dead fan.



Every so often I will be reviewing handheld games, I know that a lot of people play games on their phones and other handheld devices, so I will be reviewing them for people who don’t want to search through and download a lot of useless games and apps.


Jetpack Joyride is quite an addicting game which balances skill, luck, and timing into one simple yet effective package, which can be picked up and played by anyone. Jetpack takes skill, but it’s a skill you learn over time just by playing, and playing often is very possible. There are many games out there like Jetpack, games that test reflexes, timing, speed, but it stands out to me because there are absolutely no pressure to use actual money to buy items, you can go into the stash and use real money to buy coins, but there is no reminder and no ads, and yet there are many updates adding content.

With no pressure to use money and no ads, it would be a safe bet that this game comes at a price, but amazingly enough it’s free across iOS, Android, Playstation Network on both the Playstation Vita and Playstation 3 devices. iOS users will have the benefit of extra jetpacks and clothing, but the other platforms have plenty of content. Buying jetpacks and clothing takes coins which are collected as you play, there are also spin tokens you can collect, they are used on the final spin wheel after you crash and can earn you additional coins, make your next run a double coin run, give you a second chance in the current run, to just giving you a 750 meter headstart next round, and there are 10 different prizes to be won.


But you’re not just stuck buying only jetpacks and clothing, there are also 18 gadgets, you can use two gadgets at a time and they do not have limited use, they can make coins magnetic, guarantee you win on your last spin, turn some coins into gems that are worth two, make you bounce or slide further after you crash, or even give you a free ride. The Free Ride gives you a vehicle, there are 6 vehicles to use, these also have upgrades in which you can purchase, they are found in multicolored boxes at random throughout each run, and these are not your conventional vehicles.

The vehicles consist of a hog motorcycle, a teleporter, a personalized robot, a metal flying bird, the gravity suit from the game Gravity Guy, and a metal flying dragon named Mr.Cuddles, you will be able to use these vehicles until you crash, but they act as a second life so you can keep going after you’ve crashed it. The are separate upgrades that will make these vehicles gold and add coin magnets to them, they collect more coins than your character Barry will with his coin magnet, and vehicle magnets are extra useful on double coin runs.


There are 3 main obstacles to avoid, Zappers which are essentially Tesla coils, Missiles which fly in from the right side of the screen, they will give warning before they fly in, and Lasers which are avoided with careful flying, they will have a few different patterns but there are no zappers or missiles to avoid when dealing with lasers, so they can act as a small break. With only a few obstacles it may sound easy, for the first 1000 or so meters it will be, but after that the game picks up the pace, the Zappers are strategically placed, there will be more Missiles, and one tiny mistake will make you crash, it gets intense while remaining very entertaining.

You will not be just flying for coins and tokens, there are also missions to complete, these will have you high-fiving the little scientists walking around, or avoiding them all together, there are quite a few missions which get recycled over time, you’ll have three missions at a time which don’t have to be completed until you are ready. Completing missions will earn you stars which will level you up, leveling up will earn extra coins, after you fully complete 15 levels you’ll be given a badge and you’ll continue on to more missions and more leveling up, there are at least 600 character levels, but the coin amount resets after 15 levels and so does the character level title.


There are quite a few jetpacks to choose from, just like the vehicles most are unconventional, you’ll start off with the typical jetpack but there is an snow machine which uses ice as propulsion, a rainbow jetpack, to the more expensive Piggy Bank which uses money as propulsion, among many others, iOS users will also get a Twister jetpack, and a DIY which is just a balloon with tape on it. On all platforms there are awards, they don’t add anything to the game but can be fun to collect, and there are separate sets of twelve trophies for both the Playstation Vita and Playstation 3. There is also a stats screen with five separate categories, among the stats you’ll be able to keep track of game play time, how well you’re doing with vehicles, how you’ve crashed, the amount of deaths, to the amount of money you’ve collected and spent, it’s a nice addition.


There are not that many glitches I found throughout, at times the gadgets won’t work, you can get closer to the Zappers in some runs, the backgrounds are always the same at each point and there is no way to change it. You’ll get hit by something that should have missed you, at times he will propel to the top way faster than usual, and from time to time it will lag which can throw off timing, but these problems do not ruin the game, they only happen at random depending on your device and the next run is just one press away. 

Jetpack Joyride is an addicting game and the short rounds make it entertaining and quick, the game has had many updates to add additional content and bug fixes which continue to make the game even better. HalfBrick seems to listen to their fans and through that have made a great, entertaining game, I had to put it down to write this review, but it’s still loaded on my PS Vita. The Vita version has the ability to use either the d-pad, face buttons, or the touch screen, and the colors seem deeper than some of the iOS, Android and Playstation 3 versions. All together there really is not a lot to this game and yet it can be hard to put down, if you are looking for an entertaining, addicting game on your cell phones or other handheld devices, this is a great choice.

Overall Score: 9/10


Resistance: Burning Skies is a game that starts out good, then starts going downhill. You’ll take the role of Tom Riley, a firefighter determined to finding his wife and daughter during the Chimeran strike, and also save everyone he can along the way. After finding his family he decides he is still needed, he has to save more people, so he sends his family on their way, and goes to war. Though the game has the Resistance brand and the same enemies, it’s a side story to the main game and adds nothing to the overall story.

Not only does it not add to the overall story, it also does not add to the series at all, if anything it’s a step backwards. You’ll cut down a few doors with the fire-axe, shoot a few enemies and save your partner, all seems well and good, but after the few promising opening moments, the game starts to decline and never seems to stop going downhill. Once you get outside you’ll see the first bland area, the vehicles look like something out of a Playstation 1 game, but it would not really matter if the game itself was well made, but unfortunately it’s not. Each area is very small, everything seems to look not so bad up close, but at afar it looks terrible and pixelated, it just all looks unfinished.


The first group of enemies will hop around and generally do nothing, though they will get a few shots in, it’s nothing too much to handle, but as you go on you’ll realize all enemies are like this. Shoot at them and they will turn to the side and just stand there, they’ll hop around then take a few seconds to shoot allowing for an easy kill, and they’ll just stop fighting all together or aimlessly run at you. Each enemy is either decent, or very terrible, they will just stand around motionlessly shooting, and nearly every battle will require the same strategy, you can just duck behind cover and kill each of the enemies as they either stand in one spot, or they will attempt to hide behind cover but have the majority of their body sticking out.

At times in combat your character will throw grenades mindlessly in a random direction, and tapping the grenade icon while running will throw a grenade no where near where you are aiming. Blowing up gas pumps will do nothing to the pump at all, shoot them and watch them explode, after the smoke clears the pump looks pristine. Running requires holding down on the d-pad and if you want to crouch while running it’s not possible, you will have to come to a complete stop, crouch then keep moving. When you kill crawling enemies they all look the same as they die, they will explode to bits, turn inside out, look like an uncooked roast, then disappear randomly.

The game gets very repetitive, it starts becoming easy to predict what is going to happen next, enter a room and kill a few enemies then move on, and the story does not help matters, the characters are not memorable and the voice acting is generally poorly done. Not only are the characters in the story are not very memorable, when you have allies they are as easily forgotten, they are good for killing one or two enemies in a group, but are useless other than that, if you get swarmed by a group of enemies, good luck you’re on your own, and at times I’ve had my allies shoot explosive barrels near me. If your allies get in the way, there is no way to move them, they seem to be nailed to the ground and unless they feel like moving, they’re not going to, it gets frustrating in battle when they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are only eight guns in the game, you can hold all eight as you find them and there are six upgrades per gun, two can be active at a time, the problem is most of the guns rarely get used, there are a few situations where they will be needed, but they can be pushed aside otherwise. The guns are the same ones from the Resistance series, you’ll have your Bullseye, Auger, and Carbine, and each come with different upgrades which will increase accuracy, ammo, range, grenade count and so on, each upgrade requires a Grey Tech upgrade cube. Finding enough cubes does not take a long time, they are usually in plain sight and there are quite a few of them.


There are also intel files to find, but like the cubes they are not very hard to find, the reason they are so easy to find is because the levels are not very big, so exploration is at a minimum. Not only are the levels small, they are also bland, there is not much to each location, a few buildings, rubble, and trains from time to time. There are not many hidden areas, nothing really special to find, and it just seems mindless, the game becomes very linear and is basically loses any excitement it may have had.

Making things worse is how short the game is, everything can be completed in a play through and maybe a bit more, but everything can be basically achieved in around 4-6 hours. There are only three chapters with six levels, each level is divided up into short sections, each section is not really all that fun and the game can easily be rushed through. If you are a trophy hunter this game will help with that, in those 4-6 hours you can earn a platinum trophy, they’re not hard to collect at all and basically pop as you play normally.

At times the game can be fun though, some of the set battles are intense, there are a lot of enemies at times and it can add a small bit of challenge. The controls aside from having to use the d-pad to run are pretty good, a screen icon controls grenades and one controls the fireaxe, you’ll pick items up and open doors by tapping an icon at the right time, I was able to stretch out my thumbs so I had no problem with it. There is a weapon wheel that is easy to navigate, and it helps quickly switch weapons. If you don’t like the controls there is no way to change it, you change which shoulder button aims and shoots, but not much other than that. The problems I found with the controls were at times they were unresponsive especially in combat, and it was more noticeable when getting shot at


The online is no better, there are also only eight weapons, and six upgrades, there are not very many maps, I played about twenty rounds and got the same map probably fifteen times. The online is typical, there are a few modes like team deathmatch and deathmatch, but it’s not very exciting, a few rounds will be entertaining, but most rounds become one-sided and lead to the majority of people leaving.

All of the upgrades carry over to each play through, if you find reason to keep playing, I did just so I can review it. There really is not much reason to keep playing, it’s short, has only a few weapons, outside of a few collectibles there really is not much reason to explore. The enemies are unintelligent, the levels are small and bland, everything looks really dated and unfinished, the story is bad and so is the voice acting. There is no real reason to play other than if you want to collect easy trophies, this game is disappointing and is better off being passed on.

Overall Score: 4.5/10