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Now that summer is over I’ll be posting a lot more as now I’ll actually have some time. I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 3, with all of the dlcs I’ve had a lot to do, so if my articles come in a bit slow, you know why. I wrote in a previous article that I wanted to really get into Fallout 3 as it was one of my neglected games, and I did just that, I am currently almost level 28.



I’ve been doing a lot of console gaming recently, so I decided it was time to get back to PC gaming. I am currently playing Painkiller: Black Edition, it’s a pretty neat game, and can be challenging at times. Sorry for the screenshots of my game play, I tried using the old method of taking screenshots but they just came up grey. If you have a better program than the one I’m using, I’d love suggestions.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run is honestly one of my favourite games. I bought it for the Gamecube when it first came out – as I am a huge fan of The Simpsons – and it has brought my family, many friends, and myself hours of entertainment. I have many finished game saves but I decided to start over. If you are a fan of The Simpsons and have a PCGamecube, Xbox, or PS2, and can actually find a copy, I suggest you pick it up.

I have a confession, I’ve never beaten Fallout 3. Now when I first played through, I had it on another profile. When I created my Xbox Live profile I had to restart, now all this time later I’m starting over. Fallout 3 is on sale on Xbox Live if you’re interested. I probably will just play this for the rest of the night.

I’ve only played a little bit of Unravel, but so far it’s a great game. Unravel is really relaxing – especially after work – and so far it’s very creative. It’s free for all EA access members and is $19.99 if you want to purchase it on the Xbox One or the PS4.

I am currently playing Far Cry 4 on the PS4, I wrote a review for Far Cry 4 a while back, I played through the Xbox One version when I did. I’ve found the PS4 version has had more glitches so far, I also had to turn off the Touch Pad as I found it kept changing my weapons being how touch sensitive it is. But I’m going to get further into this and try to ignore the blemishes.


EA access is an app on the Xbox One that allows members to play a selection of 21 games for free, and play some upcoming and newer games for a limited time. I decided to purchase a one-month membership to try it out. It is definitely underwhelming, out of the 21 games, 12 are sports games, mostly last year’s games. If you’re not a sports fan, this may not be for you. For the non-sports fan there are 9 games available, the ones that really stood out were Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Dead Space(360 version). There are only 6 game trials, each trial lasts 10 hours which is a decent length of time. These are not demos, they are the full game and if you purchase the full game later on, you can continue your progress.

Download times are what you might expect and vary depending on the user’s internet connection. I’ve downloaded 4 games now, both Battlefield’s and Dragon Age took way longer than expected, including not downloading while my console was in sleep mode. It could have been an internet problem, but I’ve never had any issues like that with any other game. Even though there are not many items on each menu, it can be pain to use. If you go too far on the menu and it will navigate to the next section, going back does not take you to the most recent game you scrolled from, it takes you to the beginning of the previous menu. One benefit of having EA access however, is receiving Premium accounts for both Battlefield games on the list.

EA access costs $4.99 for one month and $29.99 for a full year. I think I’m going to wait for a larger selection before I spend $30 for a full year of service. If you’re not a sports fan, or have most of EA’s sports games, this may not be for you. The variety is scarce and it would be better to wait until a larger list of games rolls out. I can see what EA is doing and it’s a good start, but the games are just too bare bones at the moment.

Score: 7/10