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Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is currently free on the Xbox One for Gold subscribers. It is a decent amount of fun, it’s not too serious so it’s relaxing in a way. I’ve been playing around with it trying to find the right difficulty for me.


I finished Prey recently and it reminded me a lot of Quake 4. Both are very similar in art styles, sounds and strange weaponry. Prey is a less challenging Quake, you don’t die, you are taken into the spirit realm where you shoot down birds with a bow and arrow to fill your character’s life and spirits. The game has no map or waypoints, which I enjoyed. Prey is not great, but it’s really not bad.

The first game I’m going to play tonight is Singularity. I bought six new games today for very cheap, so I doubt this will be the only game I play tonight. Have you ever bought games that reviewers gave low scores, just because they were inexpensive? I may be an addict. Let me make this clear, that is not a shot at Singularity, but not all the games I bought are great.

Now that summer is over I’ll be posting a lot more as now I’ll actually have some time. I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 3, with all of the dlcs I’ve had a lot to do, so if my articles come in a bit slow, you know why. I wrote in a previous article that I wanted to really get into Fallout 3 as it was one of my neglected games, and I did just that, I am currently almost level 28.


I was trying to decide if I wanted Life is Strange, found out that the first episode is free so I’ll be playing it on multiple platforms. I am currently playing the PC version through Steam.

I meant to post this a few days ago, though I have finished the only episode that’s out so far. It was very short but very well done. The story is great and so is the voice acting. I am looking forward to playing the rest, as I am excited to see how the story will progress.

I’ve been doing a lot of console gaming recently, so I decided it was time to get back to PC gaming. I am currently playing Painkiller: Black Edition, it’s a pretty neat game, and can be challenging at times. Sorry for the screenshots of my game play, I tried using the old method of taking screenshots but they just came up grey. If you have a better program than the one I’m using, I’d love suggestions.