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Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season 2 is currently free on the Xbox One, Games with Gold, but is it worth the download space? I played through the first of five episodes to show it off. This is my first time playing through the Xbox One version, I’ve played both the 360 and PS3 versions, first thing I noticed was it looked and played a lot smoother. I’ll let you be the judge, thanks for watching.


With the ongoing success of The Walking Dead tv series it was no surprise that there would be a Walking Dead video game. While there were two variations within a year of each other, only Telltale Games version was a major success, blending a great story with a solid core gameplay left the gamer wanting more. While The Walking Dead Season 1 was very successful, could Season 2 match or surpass its predecessor? Walking Dead fans like myself were excited to find out.

The story puts you in the role of Clementine, a 10 year old girl who is still reeling from the events of Season 1. Clementine is put in the position to survive the apocalypse without her family and her main benefactor Lee Everett, luckily she is left with two trust-worthy survivors from the previous game. The three of them set out to find other survivors and supplies, but like you’d expect from The Walking Dead, chaos ensues. While the story is very well done, it does not seem as gripping as the first season, you’ll be put through some ups and downs, but none were really that nerve wracking. Clementine will be put into danger, but it feels like you’re in control of every situation, even conversations seem less dramatic and impactful. Season 1 put you through a lot of situations where you really had to pick and choose what you said or it could change the entire game. Season Two for the most part lacks those conversations, it seems like people are more accepting of everything that’s going on and said to them, which can be good or bad depending on your style of play.

Season Two plays like the first did, a cursor is your main control option to highlight items or people, you’ll walk around looking for everything and talking to everyone you can. The difference between the two is Season Two looks a lot better, the HUD is much improved, everything seems a lot more clear and the movement was a lot smoother. Season Two’s action sequences played out a lot better as well, if you missed a timed action in most cases it won’t lead to an instant failure, you’ll have two or three different options, it’s a nice addition but takes away from the tense feel of the situation. Conversations work the same way, each of the face buttons has an option, you choose how you’d like to respond or start the conversation, you can choose to be nice, rude, angry or just remain quiet. The decisions you make in conversations usually have little impact on how people think of you, unless you’re really rude to a person they just move on and go with your choice. There is a separate 400 Days DLC Episode that somewhat links the two games together, decisions there will carry over to Season Two but the DLC felt short and rushed.

While Season Two is great, it felt too short, each episode will only last about 30 mins the first time through, the game had a lot of walking and talking, but not as much action as I was expecting. After the first two episodes it feels like it pushes you through the rest of the game, you’ll make a few conversation decisions, grab a few items, then all of a sudden a dangerous situation fades away with barely any backlash. Clementine may be the main character, but it feels like the other survivors rely way too heavily on her, she basically has to do everything, even if one of the characters informs everyone that they have been through the same situation many times without issue, it still comes down to Clementine. The story was not as intense as the first and the ending was not as satisfying, it felt like they could have done so much more with the game, hopefully Season 3 makes up for that. The 400 Days DLC as I mentioned felt short and rushed, the story is separated into five survivor stories, you’ll have short conversations, make one or two decisions and then you’ll be done with that character. In the end, all of the stories in 400 Days connect together, but it just didn’t feel that satisfying.

The Walking Dead Season Two is a great game, but it could have been so much more, the story was great but in ways disappointing. Season Two looks a lot better and played a lot smoother, having additional options in action sequences was very nice, but those situations didn’t feel as intense. If you liked the first season chances are you’ll enjoy this instalment, the download speeds are fast, especially through the Season Pass, and playing through with Clementine is enjoyable. This game is great for almost any Walking Dead fan.