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As a fan of the Far Cry series I was very excited for the new additions to what has been an already great series, and for the most part I was not disappointed. Far Cry 4 takes place in Kyrat, you’ll assume the role of Ajay Ghale, who has simple plans of scattering his mom’s ashes in deep Kyrat. Little does he know his life is about to change dramatically as he’ll uncover secrets he could have never imagined. The story is done well, it’s filled with colourful and interesting characters. You’ll be forced to choose between ideologies, deal with animals and militia in dangerous locations, and figure out who Ajay really is, all while determining the new path of Kyrat. Causing all the commotion is Kyrat’s King, Pagan Min, who seemingly wants to destroy the country with war and drugs. You’ll be on the side of The Golden Path run by Amita and Sabal, each having their own idea of the perfect Kyrat and their own way of brining down Pagan Min. It’s up to you to choose which path you’d rather see the country go on.

From the very beginning, Far Cry 4 looks great, the characters and environments are very well done. Once you have control you’ll have a chance to look over part of Kyrat, the amount of detail becomes apparent, but it’s just a small sign of things to come. Kyrat is a large place so having a way around is crucial, good thing there are many options from ATV’s to personal helicopters called Buzzers, they make getting around Kyrat a lot of fun. Far Cry 4 has solid gameplay throughout, but at times the controls can be a bit glitchy. Most of the movements and actions are smooth, but unfortunately once the real action starts there seems to be a delay in many of Ajay’s actions. Switching guns and using health syringes can be slow or just not work, causing some frustrating moments. One of the main glitches I found was with the weapon wheel, weapons don’t always change when prompted, sometimes it took multiple efforts to get the weapon of my choice.

Aside from the main campaign there are plenty of side missions and quest to undertake, from overtaking outposts to clearing out fortresses run by Kyrat’s main players. There are citizens and fellow Golden Path members that will need your help, and, a fashion designer will have you hunt rare and dangerous animals for his clothing line but also for the 39 crafted items that increase gear capacity. You’ll go hunting for supplies or to defend villages from menacing beasts. You’ll have the option to get revenge on corrupt leaders for killing innocents or for causing terror to those around them. Some of the more colourful characters you’ll meet will have side missions ranging from drug trips to races around some of the exciting parts of Kyrat, giving you around 192 quests total. There are 285 collectibles to find, including journals from Ajay’s father, masks of a former murder and plenty more to find. Just like in other Far Cry games, there are also radio towers to overtake, these will unlock parts of the map which will unveil some of the collectibles and missions in the areas surrounding the towers.

Completing missions and finding collectibles will unlock new weapons, give you Experience bonuses, and on some occasions earn you Karma points. Karma Points are another new addition to the Far Cry series, levelling up your Karma will give you discounts at stores, unlock guns and give you guns for hire tokens. Guns for Hire tokens allow you to call in some help from the Golden Path, they’ll drive to your location and give you cover while you do whatever you need to. In addition to Karma points you’ll have your regular Experience, levelling up will earn you Skill points, those points can be used on one of the two categories, Tiger or Elephant. The Tiger category will give you more fire power, speed, and strength, while the Elephant side increases defence, increases your health bars, but also improves your health and combat syringe times and potency.

Similar to previous Far Cry games, enemies won’t be the only opposition you’ll face. There are a plethora of animals who will either fight or flee, from the common Honey Badger to the less common Red Crowned Turtle, the animals seem to be in every location through Kyrat. One of the newest additions to the Far Cry series is the ability to ride elephants. Personally, this is one of my favourite features, not only are they fun to ride, I felt like I could take on any opponent due to the elephant’s power. The animals add a level of depth to the environments, not only will you have to worry about where the enemies are, you’ll have to make sure you don’t have any predators ready to pounce on you. A neat feature is the animal fights that look mostly realistic, and, you’ll come across animals eating their prey. The animals can also lead to many frustrating moments, like getting attacked by an Eagle out of nowhere and not being able to defend yourself slowed the game down. Other issues like getting attacked in the water without being able to use your knife or gun, having random animals blowing your cover and getting killed by animals while trying to defend yourself from enemies, made easier parts a bit more complicated. However, the predators can be used to your advantage, a carefully placed bait can cause mayhem with enemies and in some cases clear out entire outposts and other sections without you even firing a shot.

Far Cry 4 also comes with decent Online options, you can play through the campaign with friends or people online, and there are three different 5 vs 5 game modes. Outpost has one team defending key locations while the other tries to overtake them, Demon Mask will have you destroying masks or bringing them to safety, and Propaganda will have you destroying parts of Kyrat while the other defends. You’ll earn experience by gaining kills, completing objectives, and collecting herbs, levelling up earns skill points which you use to unlock new weapons and gear for your characters. You’ll have two characters to upgrade, one will be gun heavy and the other is bow based, you’ll use both so you’ll want to upgrade them as much as possible. Each 5V5 set has two rounds, you’ll be attacking and defending, the team with more points combined wins. The Online PVP doesn’t just feel like an afterthought, though it can be glitchy and lag, it is a lot of fun. The option of being able to go through the Campaign Cooperatively is a great addition, it adds a new level of fun that previous games just didn’t have. There is also the Map Browser, this allows you to play through user created maps for Outpost and other game modes, while also being able to create your own maps.

While Far Cry 4 is great, there are a lot of glitches, most are minor, but some just can’t be overlooked. Many of the main issues are in combat, some of your weapons seem underpowered, and, enemies can be far too accurate, as they can hit you through trees, down hills, and other areas they would not have been able to see you. Enemies and animals do a lot of damage, take a bit of damage and you’ll need to use a health syringe, at times you have to pull branches or other objects out of your arm forcing you to heal twice. Animals as well as humans can knock you down and attack you while you’re down, you can’t shoot from your back so you’ll just have to lay there and take all the damage until Ajay finally gets up. Enemies can also knock you down even if you’re mid-melee, they seem to melee a lot faster so if you get close enough you’ll end up on your back taking damage. If an animal runs at you they can do damage while seemingly getting lost in your feet. Eagle attacks do not allow you to defend yourself once they are a certain distance away, it forces you into a mini cutscene where you watch yourself getting attacked, you can’t shoot the Eagle until after it flies away. Getting attacked in water was a pain as well, you can’t shoot or use your knife while swimming, so you’ll have to get into a boat or on land in order to defend yourself. There are also quite a few technical glitches, on many occasions the audio did not work, textures did not pop and random pauses slightly hindered the experience.

Even with all of the issues found within Far Cry 4 it is worth picking up. There is a tonne of gameplay from missions to collectibles, exploring the game rather than fast travelling will give you hours of extra gameplay. Far Cry 4 environments are incredible, nearly everything looks amazing, it can draw you in and help you forget about the glitches you’ve experienced. The story is good, and the characters are creative and well done, the voice acting is great as well. If you’re a fan of the Far Cry series this is one you should pick up, if you’re new, this is a great place to start.